Todoist: A Powerful and Flexible Alternative to Wunderlist

Todoist Alternative to Wunderlist

When the beloved task management app Wunderlist was phased out, users were in search of a worthy replacement. Among the alternatives, Todoist has emerged as a standout option. Offering an ideal balance between simplicity and functionality, Todoist provides an intuitive and flexible environment for managing tasks. Here is a detailed review of Todoist as an alternative to Wunderlist.

Clean and User-Friendly Interface

Todoist welcomes users with a clean, uncluttered interface that’s simple to navigate. The layout is intuitive and straightforward, with tasks and projects displayed in the left sidebar and details viewable in the main pane. The minimalist design aids focus and productivity, ensuring that managing tasks doesn’t become a task in itself.

Task Management Capabilities

In terms of task management, Todoist is a powerhouse. You can easily add tasks, set deadlines, prioritise tasks, and assign them to different projects. Importantly, Todoist supports natural language input, a feature missing in Wunderlist. This feature allows you to type tasks as you’d naturally speak them – for instance, “Meeting with John at 10 am tomorrow” – and the app will automatically recognise and set the due date and time.

Collaboration and Sharing

Todoist excels in the area of collaboration. You can share projects with your team members or family, delegate tasks, and communicate through comments. Unlike Wunderlist, Todoist allows you to assign a task to a specific person in shared projects, which can be particularly handy for team projects.

Robust Organisation and Customisation

Organising tasks in Todoist is a breeze thanks to labels and filters. You can label tasks according to their nature or your own custom parameters and then use filters to view specific subsets of tasks. You can also colour-code projects for easy visual identification. These features are more advanced and flexible compared to the categorisation options in Wunderlist.

Seamless Integration

Todoist offers robust integration with a plethora of apps and services, including Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Amazon Alexa, among others. This allows for a more streamlined workflow, ensuring that you can manage your tasks from multiple platforms.

Karma Points and Streaks

Todoist introduces an element of fun and motivation with its Karma points system. You earn points for completing tasks and maintaining productivity streaks, and you lose points for procrastinating. This gamified aspect can be a significant motivator to stay productive and complete your tasks on time.


Todoist provides an excellent alternative to Wunderlist, balancing simplicity with robust task management capabilities. Whether you’re managing personal tasks or collaborating on team projects, Todoist offers a flexible and intuitive platform that can adapt to your needs. With its superior organisation and customisation options, seamless integrations, and unique features like natural language input and Karma points, Todoist goes above and beyond to make task management a seamless and even enjoyable experience.